July 5, 2018

About the ACL Semiconductors Inc.

ACL Semiconductors Inc. (“ACL”) is a principal distributor of memory products including DRAM and Flash for Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong and Southern China since 1991. ACL is now one of the largest and most successful distributors for memory products in Asia. The company has achieved annual sales in excess of one hundred million dollars since 2004. ACL has been in business in Asia for the past 18 years and, during that time, has evolved as an integral part of southern China’s development while serving the OEM and ODM manufacturing base for GPS, mobile phones, UMPC, ePCs, Wi-Fi products, laptop computers, servers, routers, workstations, desktop computers, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players, USB drives and other consumer electronics worldwide. The company has more than 200 customers in Hong Kong and southern China. ACL trades on the OTCBB under the symbol, ACLO.

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